Friday, October 14, 2011

Teaching Tutor: The International Experience

This past week has been challenging, yet rewarding.  
At times, I felt unbalanced, exhausted, and overwrought with anxiety. 
It must be midterm. 
Every year, I hear echoes:  “I planned to do all my readings… homework … assignments but there’s not enough time.”  Sound familiar?  It certainly rings true to me.
Being a successful student is challenging but it is not impossible.  We take so many things for granted in our Western society, especially in terms of our formal education.
College is a free-for-all party-playground; a drunk-tank; a waste of time and human potential. 
Yes, college can be all of these things but for those who truly want to learn, it is a refuge of endless possibility.    
As a student and peer tutor, I have experienced first-hand the thirst international students have for knowledge and understanding.  This week I spent time helping my tutees make sense of marketing but they taught me just as much as I taught them.   
My tutees LOVE to learn.  This LOVE inspires and motivates me to re-examine my current educational path.  I thought I took my education seriously until I met them. 
These students have brought a refreshing perspective to my view of education and truly demonstrate the dedication it takes to be a successful student. 
International students are not only learning business knowledge and skills; they are learning our language, customs, behaviours, and cultures. 
And yet, they exude a sense of calm, once comprehension has been obtained.  At this stage, learning is like breathing – constant… even … sustaining.
I hope you have enjoyed this exploration.  Take a trip along your own learning path to make sure you are making the most of your time and education.

This week's blog is dedicated to my tutees: you inspire me to be a better student.
Thank you. 


  1. Thank you for your help, Katherine. I feel I am rescued when I saw you. lol