Friday, October 7, 2011

A World of Change: Technology and Possibility

“We can open a window on a world where all is sound, our creative powers are formidable, and unseen threads connect us all.” (Zander & Zander)
This past week has been ‘transformational’. 
I chose this particular word, when asked to describe the World Business Forum, a two-day conference held on October 5 & 6 in New York City.  Although I was not in NYC, I had the opportunity of a lifetime – right here in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. 
Confused?  Let me explain. 
Thanks to St. Lawrence College and SIFE SLC, especially Pam Bovey-Armstrong and Wahida Lakhani, the World Business Forum was streamed live from NYC to a theatre in the Cineplex Odeon at Gardiners Road. 
This was the first and only live streaming event of the World Business Forum in Canada.
This is extraordinary!
This is extraordinary because we live in a world where technology and possibility provided local business professionals, educators, and students with the opportunity to be part of this international event - within Kingston.
I witnessed some of the most innovative minds and engaging speakers of our time. Bill Clinton, Jack Welch, Seth Godin, Howard Schultz, and Malcolm Gladwell were among the headliners.  Yet, my favourite was the captivating orchestral conductor Benjamin Zander.
I am not unfamiliar with Ben.  Last semester he opened my world to possibility when I discovered his TEDtalk online (enjoy below). 

I read The Art of Possibility, the book he co-authored with his wife Rosamund Stone Zander. 
Ben was beyond inspiring Wednesday afternoon - in fact, I am still digesting and absorbing his insights.  However, I will leave you with a couple of thoughts,
·        Awaken the possibility in others, by radiating possibility yourself
·        Rule #6: Don’t take yourself so goddamn seriously
See you next week :)

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  1. This is good stuff, Katherine. I recommended your blog to your classmates last week.