Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Brand New Me

"Everyone has a brand, and anyone can be a strong brand!" (McNally & Speak)

I was in the middle of writing my first quiz in Kathy’s Into to IMC class when it hit me!  No, not all the right answers.  Branding. 

Branding.  It’s everywhere.  Just open your eyes and its staring back at you, with one eye on your wallet.  Brands are on what you wear, drink, text … but I wondered.  What about my own personal brand?  What can I do to build that?

As a strong product or service brand is built over time, so too is a personal brand.  However, the difference is that my brand is all about me and how I want others to perceive … me.  To accomplish this, I must define who I am, what I stand for, and what USP (Unique Selling Point/Proposition) I can offer to my customers.     


Perhaps to a seasoned professional but I am just building the foundation of my personal brand empire.  Now I think to myself, what would Seth Godin do?  Seth has a distinctive personal brand.  He posts to his blog at least once a day and offers his followers consistency and style.   

As I’ve learned so far, blogging is an powerful and far reaching tool.  It can help propel careers, such as that of IMC graduate Brook Johnston.  It can also promote magazine and book sales for authors such as Bruce Philp.   

Hmm… maybe I’ll be more of a pro after I read “BeYour Own Brand: Achieve More of What You Want by Being More of Who You Are.”

Although, I was always taught that practice makes perfect.  I guess A Brand New Me is actually a W.I.P. – Work in Progress.

See you next week :)